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  • Will The Philippines 'Break Up' With The U.S.?

    Philippine President Duterte has made some fiery speeches against the U.S. So what is going to happen to the U.S.-Philippines relationship?

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  • Why India's Biggest Border Dispute Might Be Over

    Indian and Bangladesh may have finally resolved a major problem along their shared border. Here's how it will affect those who live there.

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  • Why Country Borders Are A Good Thing

    Borders increase security, protect the members inside, and much more. How long have humans been creating borders though?

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  • Can Americans Be Arrested For Breaking U.S. Law Overseas?

    When traveling abroad, your home country's laws can extend much further than you may think. How far outside borders do local laws apply?

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  • What Americans Get Wrong About Puerto Rico

    Puerto Rico's relationship with the United States is a complicated one, which means Americans often get Puerto Rico all wrong.

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  • What Life Is Really Like In Puerto Rico

    Puerto Rico, an island of sunny beaches and tanned locals but in reality, day to day life is much tougher.

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  • Which Country Will Be Under Water In Our Lifetime?

    The Maldives is in danger of losing their territory, but not to any invading army. The Maldives could become the first nation in history to be completely erased by the sea.

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  • The Libertarian Who Created A New Nation

    For 70 years, Serbia and Croatia have been involved in a border dispute. Now, a Czech politician has decided to take a section of this no-mans land and form the world's newest nation.

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  • China's Plan To Claim More Land

    China is turning highly contested reefs scattered throughout the South China Sea, into small, developed islands. However, countries like Vietnam and Malaysia, also laying claim to the islands.

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  •  Putin & Russia

    Russia became the third-largest military spender in the world in 2014, and has plans to increase that expenditure. Why is Putin ramping up Russia's weapons system?

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