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  • Do You Know If Your Memories Are Real?

    Smells and sounds might trigger your memories, but how do you know if they're real?

    Life Noggin

  • The 18 Religions That Make Up Lebanon's Government

    How does the Lebanese government function and stay united with so many different religious sects?

    Seeker Daily

  • Does China Run Hollywood?

    With China's market for movies expanding at an insane rate, Hollywood now has a powerful new audience to consider.

    Seeker Daily

  • This Country Put Happiness Before Economy, But Did It Work?

    In Bhutan, the pursuit of happiness is more important than the pursuit of prosperity. But is it really what it seems?

    Seeker Daily

  • What Other Countries Can Learn From Iceland's Tourism Boom

    Less than ten years after its worst economic crash ever, Iceland's tourism is now booming. So just how did it turn around?

    Seeker Daily

  • India's Economy Will Overtake The U.S. By 2050, Here's How

    President Trump has pointed to India's economic growth to show that the U.S. is lagging, but how do India and the U.S. really compare?

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  • How The Ancient Silk Road Pioneered Globalization

    Positive or negative, we hear a lot about globalization in the modern era. But where did it all begin?

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  • Japan Rejected Over 99% Of Refugees Last Year. Here's Why.

    With an increasing number of refugees around the world, countries are opening up their doors. But, this isn't the case for Japan.

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  • This Country Has The Most Humane Prison System

    While the U.S. is known for a high recidivism rate and tough justice system, other countries have taken a more holistic approach to crime.

    Seeker Daily

  • What Would A Unified Israel-Palestine Look Like?

    With the international community urging a two-state solution, many Israelis and Palestinians are considering the idea of a single state.

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