• Hackers Can Now Break Into Your Phone Using Music

    New research shows sound waves can manipulate the accelerometer in your phone; what implications does this have for data security?


  • Why Some Old People Act Half Their Age: It's in the Brain

    Scientists are studying people over 80 whose memories are just as good as someone in their 50s. What sets these 'SuperAgers' apart?


  • Opioids Work Really, Really Well... But We Don't Know Why

    Painkillers are incredibly good at managing pain, but the mechanism of action isn't fully understood. What do we know about how they work?


  • Black Holes And Gravitational Waves Might Help Us Find Dark Matter

    How exactly? Well, it involves a whole bunch of axions and a phenomenon called superradiance.


  • It's Possible to Hack NASA Satellites... But then what?

    Satellites are just computer-controlled machines in space, and they can be hacked, but is that always a bad thing?


  • This New 'Perfect' Battery Has Experts Stumped

    The new battery boasts a solid electrolyte, an advancement that would be hailed as a monumental achievement. But is it too good to be true?


  • This Is Not What Space Looks Like

    There are so many incredible images of space floating around out there, but do they depict what space really looks like? Well, kind of...


  • What Is Thirdhand Smoke And How Dangerous Is It?

    New research shows just being in a room where someone was smoking might be bad for your health.


  • These Incredible Pictures From Space Will Help Us Predict Deadly Storms

    NOAA just released the first images from their newest weather satellite, GOES-16, which has improved spectral channels and resolution!


  • Inauguration Day Used To Be In March... Here's Why It Changed

    Inauguration Day was not always on January 20th. Why did the U.S. choose that date and why is it so far from Election Day?

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