• Over 200 Bizarre, New Crystals Were Accidentally Created by Humans

    These new, manmade minerals could be evidence for the argument that we are living in the Anthropocene.


  • Do Humans Have the Ability To Sniff Out Bombs?

    We use dogs as our go-to sniffers for bombs and rescue missions. But how does our sense of smell compare?


  • How Big Do You Think This Spacecraft Is? Guess Again...

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  • What Does Radiation Poisoning Do to Your Body?

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  • Scientists Want to Insert Bionic Sperm Into Women's Vaginas

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  • Paradise Engineering

    "Our self-systems are like leaky buckets... No matter how much pleasure we're getting, we're bleeding from our many holes" - Jamie Weil

    Shots of Awe

  • What Would Happen in an Apocalypse... According to Science

    Most people think the apocalypse would bring violence, crime, and selfishness. But according to scientists, that's just not realistic.


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