Liz Rosa


  • Taking Over A Barber Shop In Cuba

    Basecampers Troy, Rodrigo and Liz head to the picturesque town of Ciego de Ávila to not only cruise the busy city streets, peruse the markets and learn about Cuban urban culture, but hunt down a master barber.

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  • Dancing Casino Salsa On The Streets Of Cuba

    To finish off their adventure in Cuba's Cayos, the Basecampers find one of the first cultural centres to ever teach Casino Salsa to the common people -- and learn some moves.

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  • Rolling Cigars With A Master In Cuba

    Liz brings the boys Rodrigo and Troy to learn the five steps of cigar making with a master cigar maker in small town Morón, about 75 minutes from Cayo Guillermo, Cuba.

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  • Kitesurfing Off The Coast of Cuba

    The Basecampers stay close to Hotel Melia Cayo Guillermo for this one to try their hands at a fast-growing sport in Cuba's Cayos: kitesurfing.

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  • Trailblazing The Hidden Backcountry Of Cuba

    In this first episode of the Cayos of Cuba series, Troy and Rodrigo team up with new guest host, Liz, to seek out the Jatibonico River, which is believed by Cubans to have natural healing powers.

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