Amy Shira Teitel


  • Here's What It Actually Takes to Be a NASA Astronaut

    NASA recently announced its new class of astronauts and their skill set is pretty diverse. So, what exactly does it take to be an astronaut?


  • We Can Now Grow Human Bones From Stem Cells!

    Scientists may have figured out how to grow bones in a lab, what does this mean for the future of implants?


  • Everything Scientists Could Learn By Looking At Your Skull

    Scientists can tell a lot about someone just from analyzing their skull.


  • The Crazy Way Scientists Launch Rockets From Balloons

    One company, Zero2Infinity, is working on a method of launching rockets today using rockoons.


  • Poop Can Teach You A Lot, But You Have To Look At It

    When it comes to health, what comes out of you is just as important as what you put in. What does your poo say about you?


  • Europe's New GPS System Is Already Broken!... Can We Fix It?

    On Galileo's 18 GPS satellites, there are 9 broken atomic clocks. How do we fix satellites when they break?


  • How The Measles Vaccine Protects You From Other Deadly Diseases

    When the measles vaccine was first introduced, childhood deaths from all infectious diseases dropped suddenly. And now, we might know why.


  • Did The Sun Steal Planet Nine From Another Solar System?

    Outer space is full of free-floating orphan planets searching for a new home. What would happen if one flew into our solar system?


  • Robots Can Now Sense Your Emotions Via Radio Waves

    Scientists have developed a machine that can read your emotions - even when your facial expression remains constant. How does it work?


  • Vintage Space Visits the San Diego Air and Space Museum!

    Visiting San Diego? This museum has Moon rocks, an X-15 canopy, and Apollo 9!

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