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  • Which Countries Sell Citizenship?

    A person can gain citizenship by birth, marriage, employment, or in some cases by check. So where can you buy citizenship?

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  • When Can You Be Stripped Of Your Citizenship?

    Citizenship revocation is extremely rare and reserved for the most serious offenses. So when can a country revoke your citizenship?

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  • Why India's Biggest Border Dispute Might Be Over

    Indian and Bangladesh may have finally resolved a major problem along their shared border. Here's how it will affect those who live there.

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  • What Does It Mean To Be Stateless?

    Around the world, there are over 10 million people who do not have a nationality. But, what does this mean and what is statelessness?

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  • What Would A World With Total Globalization Look Like?

    Globalization is a complicated issue with pros and cons both for and against. But what would a world with complete globalization be like?

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  • Why Economies Cannot Succeed Without Immigrants

    Many countries with some of the fastest growing EU economies have open door policies towards immigrants. Is there a connection between them?

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  • What Happens When You Don't Accept Immigrants?

    There are plenty of countries who choose to shut their borders down to immigrants and refugees alike but what harm does that do them?

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  • Is The United States The Best Country For Refugees?

    What's the difference between a migrant, refugee, asylum seeker and what do we do powerful countries like the U.S. do to help these people?

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  • What Does Citizenship Even Mean?

    The concept of "citizenship" goes back thousands of years to ancient Greece and Rome whose cultures took many ideas from early Minoans.

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  • The Big Picture

    The first photograph taken of earth, from space, occasioned a profound shift in our understanding of ourselves -- an ontological awakening.

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