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  • Why Do Pakistan And Bangladesh Hate Each Other?

    Pakistan and Bangladesh have had rocky relations since Britain ended its rule in the region in 1947. So why don't the countries get along?

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  • What Americans Get Wrong About Bangladesh

    There's a lot about Bangladesh Americans don't know or get wrong. Check out our list of misconceptions.

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  • What Is Life Really Like In Bangladesh?

    Bangladesh gained independence in 1971, but it has not been smooth sailing for this South Asian country. Find out what life is like there.

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  • Why India's Biggest Border Dispute Might Be Over

    Indian and Bangladesh may have finally resolved a major problem along their shared border. Here's how it will affect those who live there.

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  • How Photography Helped End Child Labor In America

    In 1916, Lewis Hine helped end child labor in the US with his camera. See how photographers today are doing the same in Bangladesh & beyond.

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  • The Most Dangerous Jobs In The World

    Many countries still lack adequate labor laws, thus risking the lives of thousands of workers. So, what are the most dangerous jobs?

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  • Which Country Is The Most Overworked?

    The U.S. has one of the longest average work weeks in the world. So, we wanted to know, what other countries spend long hours at the office?

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  • Which Country Has The Most Casual Sex?

    Today, people enjoy more sexual freedoms than ever before. But while some nations have a progressive view toward sex, others are reserved.

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  • The Dangers of the Kidney Black Market in Bangladesh

    In Bangladesh, trading kidneys for cash is becoming an epidemic

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  • Cracking Down On Atheist Bloggers In Bangladesh

    Atheist bloggers like, Ananta Bijoy Das, are being killed for their outspoken views in Bangladesh by hardline islamist groups.

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