• An Unusual Equation with an Even Odd Answer

    Given almost nothing to work with, can you logically deduce a solution?

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  • How Bilingual Brains Perceive Time Differently

    A new study has found that what language you speak might alter your perception of time.


  • Feed Your Mind Reading Vice With All-Telling Dice

    It's a nice dice trick, but don't do it thrice or pay the ultimate price (getting found out).

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  • Storing the Sun's Energy in Liquid Could Change Solar Forever

    Researchers have just found two new ways to make solar power more efficient. Could this solve our energy crisis?


  • Is There Space for 12,000 More Satellites Up There?

    SpaceX wants to launch nearly 12,000 satellites into Low Earth Orbit, nearly ten times the number of active satellites currently up there.


  • The Collective Coin Coincidence

    It takes a complete coin compiler to cause such a concentrated chaos of coinage.

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  • Ants Are Growing Food and They're Better at It Than We Are

    Believe it or not, ants started farming way before we did.


  • The Rhapsody and Agony of Love

    "...if I could be who you wanted. If I could be who you wanted..." - Radiohead

    Shots of Awe

  • Scientists Are Giving People Psychedelics to Understand Consciousness

    Some people claim they reach a higher state of consciousness when they take psychedelics, but is this really what's happening?


  • A Flip-Flopped Mix-And-Matched Heads or Tails Prediction

    Random pile of coins, flip some over, choose one, and somehow Brian already knows.

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