• An Asteroid Didn't Kill the Dinosaurs, Here's a New Theory About What Did

    A new scientific model has discovered what actually happened to the earth after the asteroid impact that killed the dinosaurs.


  • Engineers Love to Break Airplanes Before You Fly in Them, Here's Why

    Airplane technology has come a long way, but it has limits. Lucky for us, there are teams of people whose job it is to find those limits.


  • Two Mind-Bending Cryptarithmetic Puzzles

    Letters, numbers, bears, oh my!

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  • Tattoo Ink Isn't Regulated by the FDA, Here's What Happens Once It's in You

    A new study has found that tattoo ink nanoparticles spread throughout your lymphatic system when you get a tattoo. What else happens?


  • Drones

    Jason Silva discusses how personally connect with drones.

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  • Read Minds With Quintuple Clairvoyance

    With the power of telepathy you'll be able to read everyone's mind at once in this puzzling prognostication.

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  • The Threat to Space Travel That No One's Talking About

    If we don't clean up space debris, it could become impossible to leave Earth's atmosphere. But scientists have a plan. Well, lots of plans.


  • Think You're 'Double-Jointed'? You're Not. Here's What's Actually Going On

    Having joint hypermobility might be a fun party trick, but do you know what it does to your body?


  • Can You Escape This Toggle Boggle

    Predict the right number of switches and go free but if you guess wrong, you'll never leave this prison puzzle.

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  • This Biomimetic Tech Could Mean Fewer Trips to the Dentist (You're Welcome)

    A new material inspired by mussels may be the key to fillings and crowns that never break or fall out.