• Here's What It Actually Takes to Be a NASA Astronaut

    NASA recently announced its new class of astronauts and their skill set is pretty diverse. So, what exactly does it take to be an astronaut?


  • The Infinite

    "For man to be able to live he must either not see the infinite, or... connect the finite with the infinite." - Leo Tolstoy

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  • Pricking the Garter

    Unravel the classic carnival con that became an icon for losing your money.

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  • Over 200 Bizarre, New Crystals Were Accidentally Created by Humans

    These new, manmade minerals could be evidence for the argument that we are living in the Anthropocene.


  • Do Humans Have the Ability To Sniff Out Bombs?

    We use dogs as our go-to sniffers for bombs and rescue missions. But how does our sense of smell compare?


  • Will This Scrabble Puzzle Spell Your Defeat

    This spelling challenge will test the limits of your math and logic prowess!

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  • How Big Do You Think This Spacecraft Is? Guess Again...

    Most images of spacecraft are set in space, so it can be hard to guess their size. We did some digging and the answers might surprise you.


  • Meet What's-His-Name, the Most Interesting Astronaut you Don't Know

    Donn Eisele is a totally unknown Apollo astronaut whose memoirs are a new voice of the era.

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  • The Monty Hall Paradox

    One of the best-known, yet commonly misunderstood logic problems: the monty hall paradox.

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  • What Does Radiation Poisoning Do to Your Body?

    We all know ionizing radiation can be deadly, but how exactly does it damage the body? What does it do on a molecular level?