• What Might Bigger Saturn V Rockets Have Looked Like?

    There was a lot of logic to extending the Saturn V rocket, saving money and extending our reach into the Solar System. But we didn't do it.

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  • Hackers Can Now Break Into Your Phone Using Music

    New research shows sound waves can manipulate the accelerometer in your phone; what implications does this have for data security?


  • Why Some Old People Act Half Their Age: It's in the Brain

    Scientists are studying people over 80 whose memories are just as good as someone in their 50s. What sets these 'SuperAgers' apart?


  • A Mean Bar Prank Only for the Vengeful

    Let's just say you're not likely to make many friends with this trick, The Funnel.

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  • Meet the Man Who Strapped Himself to a Rocket, For Science

    One man's quest to test the human limits of gravity on the human body.


  • Thanks to Salad, We're One Step Closer to Colonizing Space

    ISS astronauts have been farming salad greens in space, and it could be a key to prolonged space flight.


  • Opioids Work Really, Really Well... But We Don't Know Why

    Painkillers are incredibly good at managing pain, but the mechanism of action isn't fully understood. What do we know about how they work?


  • What Human Body Part Is Most Nutritious To Eat?

    Only some of our ancient ancestors were cannibalistic, and a new study sheds light onto why more of them didn't eat other humans.


  • How to Win a Game of Tic-Tac-Toe by Losing

    Brian and friends discover a winning strategy to Tic-Tac-Toe by turning the rules on their head.

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  • Proof We Landed on the Moon is in the Topography

    The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter team made a topographical map of the Moon and found Apollo 11.

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