• The Easiest Coin Vanish

    Nate Staniforth shares the hands-down easiest coin vanish ever

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  • Make a Splash With These Two Tricks

    Master these two tricks and you'll be flush but one wrong move will leave you all wet.

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  • Is This A Fair Dice Game

    You'll need all of your mathematical skills to figure out whether this dice game is better for The House or The Player!

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  • Why the teenage brain has an evolutionary advantage

    All the seemingly crazy behaviors of teenagers, they aren't just there to annoy parents - they might serve a real evolutionary purpose.


  • 4 Ways to Convince People That Placebo Bands Work

    Kinesiology gives extraordinary power to unbelievably powerless bracelets.

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  • How Close Are We to Resurrecting Extinct Species?

    Bringing extinct animals back to life sounds like science fiction, but gene-editing techniques are making it possible.


  • Zombie Cells Are Hiding in Your Body, Could Killing Them Stop Aging?

    After killing senescent "zombie" cells in mice, researchers were able to extend the mice's lives by 25%. But what are these hidden cells?


  • Beat a Calculator With This Trick

    Of course it's not a fair race (but they don't know that!)

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  • We Could Harvest Electricity from Human Tears, This Is How It Works

    New research has found that an enzyme in tears can be used to generate electricity. Here's everything you need to know.


  • Psychically Intuit Their Secret Card Choice

    Three cards, one free choice, a lot of mixing, and one correct reveal.

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